We adapt cars for our customers’ individual needs.
Fitting additional equipment, LPG installation or body – is not a problem for Us.
We provide those additional services within standard as well as non-standard or special equipment.

Comprehensive services for vehicle fleet

  • Transport to and from our customer all over Poland
  • Receipt and transport after lease
  • New and second-hand vehicle storage
  • Repair, preparation for sale
  • Evaluation of technical assessment of vehicles in accordance with import programs
  • Assistance with sale
  • Photographs of vehicles prepared for sale
  • Handling of new and second-hand vehicle receipt / release
  • Experience in preparation of large fleets and fleet releases
  • Cost optimisation for fleet releases (such as old vehicle hand-over and collection of a new one at the time and location indicated by the customer)
  • Handling of special events (such as shows at shopping centres)
  • Technical and logistics advisory within fleet releases and related assistance.

Preparation of second-hand vehicles for release or sale

  • Repairs and removal of paint defects
  • Auto Detailing care
  • Paint refreshing and cleaning of the inside
  • Photographs of vehicles ready for sale