OEM’s and importers

We transport vehicles to Poland from any place in the world. Rail, sea or road transport
– a transport method depends solely on the scale of the fleet and time expectations.
Notably, no one else in in Poland provides domestic rail
transport of vehicles.

Transport services

  • International transport
  • Domestic transport
  • Specialist fleet of vehicle transporters
  • Covered transport
  • Comprehensive services for exhibitions and fairs
  • Team of experienced staff
  • Comprehensive IT solutions during completion of orders
  • Insured and licenced transport

Customs services

  • Preparation of customs declarations for all procedures (import, export, transit)
  • Securing customs and tax dues for transit
  • Customs clearance depot
  • Comprehensive handling of the TIR procedure –Authorised TIR consigner status
  • Road and rail transit shipments handling on-site – Authorised recipient under the NCTS, CIM transit procedure.
  • Storage in the temporary storage warehouse and customs depot
  • AKC-U declarations
  • Customs advisory

Technical services

  • Comprehensive handling of limited editions for over 120 options of various type equipment
  • Fitting of standard, non-mass accessories (such as GPS, leather upholstery)
  • Vehicle adaptation for special purposes (police, local enforcement services)
  • PDI, LCL, PDS inspections
  • Paint repairs with a traditional method and with SMART technology
  • Auto Detailing – aesthetic enhancement
  • Luggage partition assembly and disassembly
  • Advertising stickers/foil
  • LPG fitting
  • Other technical services tailored to Customer needs

Vehicle storage

Centre of Poland (Mszczonów between Warsaw and Łódź)

  • Vehicle shipment/receipts 24/7.
  • Storage area for 13,000 vehicles.
  • Customs clearance depot
  • Own railway siding for vehicle loading and unloading with the possibility to handle up to 6 full block trains daily.
  • Unloading yard for un/loading of 35 vehicle transporters at the same time.
Port Gdynia (900m from the Baltic Container Terminal)

  • Logistics services (import, export, transit) for the Polish, Belarusian, Ukrainian and the Baltic countries’ market
  • Storage in customs warehouse and depot.
  • Vehicle shipments/receipts 24/7.
  • 150,000m² of storage area
  • Container terminal, railway siding