OEM’s and importers

We transport vehicles to Poland from any place in the world. Rail, sea or road transport
– a transport method depends solely on the scale of the fleet and time expectations.
Notably, no one else in in Poland provides domestic rail
transport of vehicles.

Transport services

  • International transport
  • Domestic transport
  • Specialist fleet of vehicle transporters
  • Covered transport
  • Comprehensive services for exhibitions and fairs
  • Team of experienced staff
  • Comprehensive IT solutions during completion of orders
  • Insured and licenced transport

Customs services

  • Preparation of customs declarations for all procedures (import, export, transit)
  • Securing customs and tax dues for transit
  • Customs clearance depot
  • Comprehensive handling of the TIR procedure –Authorised TIR consigner status
  • Road and rail transit shipments handling on-site – Authorised recipient under the NCTS, CIM transit procedure.
  • Storage in the temporary storage warehouse and customs depot
  • AKC-U declarations
  • Customs advisory

Technical services

  • Comprehensive handling of limited editions for over 120 options of various type equipment
  • Fitting of standard, non-mass accessories (such as GPS, leather upholstery)
  • Vehicle adaptation for special purposes (police, local enforcement services)
  • PDI, LCL, PDS inspections
  • Paint repairs with a traditional method and with SMART technology
  • Auto Detailing – aesthetic enhancement
  • Luggage partition assembly and disassembly
  • Advertising stickers/foil
  • Other technical services tailored to Customer needs

Vehicle storage

Centre of Poland (Mszczonów between Warsaw and Łódź)

  • Vehicle shipment/receipts 24/7.
  • Storage area for 13,000 vehicles.
  • Customs clearance depot
  • Own railway siding for vehicle loading and unloading with the possibility to handle up to 6 full block trains daily.
  • Unloading yard for un/loading of 35 vehicle transporters at the same time.
Port Gdynia (900m from the Baltic Container Terminal)

  • Logistics services (import, export, transit) for the Polish, Belarusian, Ukrainian and the Baltic countries’ market
  • Storage in customs warehouse and depot.
  • Vehicle shipments/receipts 24/7.
  • 150,000m² of storage area
  • Container terminal, railway siding


We adapt cars for our customers’ individual needs..
We have no problem with fitting additional equipment, LPG installation or body.
We provide those additional services within standard as well as non-standard or special equipment.

Comprehensive services for vehicle fleet

  • Transport to and from our customer all over Poland
  • Receipt and transport after lease
  • New and second-hand vehicle storage
  • Repair, preparation for sale
  • Evaluation of technical assessment of vehicles in accordance with import programs
  • Assistance with sale
  • Photographs of vehicles prepared for sale
  • Handling of new and second-hand vehicle receipt / release
  • Experience in preparation of large fleets and fleet releases
  • Cost optimisation for fleet releases (such as old vehicle hand-over and collection of a new one at the time and location indicated by the customer)
  • Handling of special events (such as shows at shopping centres)
  • Technical and logistics advisory within fleet releases and related assistance.

Preparation of second-hand vehicles for release or sale

  • Repairs and removal of paint defects
  • Auto Detailing care
  • Paint refreshing and cleaning of the inside
  • Photographs of vehicles ready for sale

Car dealers

Beautiful, safe and damage free – this is a dream car of all customers.

However, before they get it, it requires attention like a precious jewel.

Do not wonder where your cars are, just check it out..

You will receive access to a transparent ICT system to control the movement of your vehicles in detail.

Technical services

  • Possibility of technical verification of vehicles before the Dealer accepts the vehicle.
  • Specialised additional equipment assembly and vehicle-model-dedicated body, including public services vehicles in accordance with legal requirements and tender specifications
  • Technical and professional advisory for vehicle additional equipment
  • Restoring the original condition of post-contract vehicles (disassembly of specialized equipment and body)
  • Additional equipment installation LL

Transport all over the country

  • Transport to and from our customer all over Poland
  • Handling of special events

Dedicated solutions offering opportunity to improve competitiveness and sales

  • preparation of limited series addressed to new target groups of customers
  • cost optimisation of additional equipment and installations with tender implementation and volume sales to CFM , Fleet and Leasing