You must be able to do it – we are!

MOSTVA is most of all its people – we have employed a regular team of professionals for over 15 years. We offer to our customers proven European solutions. We know how to do it. We know the local market and its characteristics, at the same time we draw on over 50 years of experience of our shareholders – German company MOSOLF and French company STVA.

MOSTVA constitutes links with dozens of our representatives in Europe, but most of all with our Customer’s factories. They are comprehensive solutions not for the Polish market alone but also for the Ukrainian, Belarusian or the Baltic countries markets – partnership relations with OEM’s, Polish importers and dealers.

Globalisation has affected production – our yards see cars from all over Europe, Asia, America and South Africa. We receive deliveries by rail, sea and car carriers. We are the only ones to carry out domestic automotive transport by rail. Apart from handling import or transit for our neighbouring markets we also deal with vehicle export from Polish factories to the global markets.

Over the recent years we have made significant investments – we developed the largest vehicle yard in Poland – the Mszczonowa Centre. We continue to grow our vehicle transporter park – we have at our disposal a fleet of large trucks for international transport as well as a range of modern, smaller vehicles for local distribution. MOSTVA stands for high quality – confirmed by ISO 9001 and 14001 certificates. We always strive to observe procedures and our customers’ requirements. Our specialist IT systems – based on our own unique solutions – support our daily customer service.

MOSTVA is not just transport and storage, but it also means pre-sale inspections, serial assembly and non-standard installations, such as navigation, GPS or leather upholstery. We handle new as well as second-hand vehicles.

A car is a delicate and very expensive product, transported over thousands of miles without packaging, vulnerable to damages. We transport over 150,000 vehicles annually. You must have the know-how to meet the expectations of the producer, importer, dealer and finally the end customer, while trying to be environmentally friendly, competitive in price and on time.

With love for car!

Wojciech Dutkiewicz


Wojciech Dutkiewicz

Prezes Zarządu

Robert Sutkowski

Dyrektor Finansowy

Robert Groman

Dyrektor Centrum Samochodowego Mszczonów

Krystyna Woźniak

Dyrektor Centrum Samochodowego Gdynia

Radosław Szymański

Dyrektor Transportu

Jacek Przysowa

Z-ca Dyrektora Centrum Samochodowego Mszczonów ds. Sprzedaży

Małgorzata Radoch

Z-ca Dyrektora Centrum Samochodowego Mszczonów

Stanisław Marciniak

Z-ca Dyrektora Centrum Samochodowego Mszczonów ds. Technicznych

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Over 550,000 m² of storage area
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Centre of Poland

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Port Gdynia

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